What's Tweetwally?

Clockwork's Tweetwally is a Twitter power tool, a way to save and customize search results and present them in different formats—at a specific URL (your own, or at tweetwally.com), on a projector (at a conference, party or other gathering), or on an iPhone.  Users can immediately experiment with different searches and enjoy a continuously updating stream of new information from Twitter, updated before their eyes.  No registration is required — a Twitter account is all that is needed to get started.

Press and Reviews

"I love that TweetWally is not only free, but that it has an easy user interface and it is a real-time solution. I did my fair share of researching other similar solutions and everything I came across looked sloppy, unprofessional and were time consuming to set-up. We used TweetWally to showcase tweets at an event and people loved it!" -- Meri Morris, Access Communications

Go4WebApps.com - 4/21/10
"Users at Tweetwally can undergo different searches and can continuously update stream of new information from twitter."

Teachers As Technology Trailblazers - 3/29/10
"For beginning Twitter users, this tool is much easier to understand and use."

Devlounge.net - 3/9/10
"Tweetwally has some great search operators."

ChurchCrunch.com - 3/9/10
"Signing up is quick and easy and copying the embed code into your site is just as easy. Love the simplicity"

Baixkai.com.br - 2/2010
"Criar sua tweetwall é fácil. Você só precisa entrar com o termo que pretende buscar no campo principal do serviço e apertar enter."

@bkolani - 1/19/10
"...a great way to publish a backchannel."

InternetBackDoor.com - 1/15/10
"I made a sample one for our event starting tomorrow, and I was happy to see it even had a projection mode!!"

UpYourSocial.com - 1/07/10
"They say 3 million Twitter messages are generated every single day. That’s over 2,000 tweets per minute! There’s no way you can possibly go through all of these messages, but Tweetwally helps you filter them."

Kenton's Infotainmentscan - 12/21/09
"Tweetwally shows you the stuff you want to see on Twitter..."

PR Sarah Evans - 12/3/09
"Use it to track clients’ conversations, during events to showcase those tweeting or for your own genius idea."

CSSMania - 12/2/09
Voted 9/10 stars by the CSSMania community.

NY State Bar Blog - 11/20/09
"A place to display only the tweets you’re interested in from everywhere on Twitter."

TwinCities.com Tech Weblog - 11/20/09
"Enhancements such as projector-friendly formatting, interface-customization settings and adaptability to screens of all sizes, ranging from the huge to the iPhone-tiny."

Techie-Buzz.com - 11/19/09
"The best part is the option to create a permanent webpage with a customized URL."

FeedMyApp.com - 11/18/09
"Tweetwally is a Twitter power tool"

Frugle.com - 11/18/09
"Tweetwally, the free all-in-one twitter wall."

KillerStartUps.com - 11/18/09
"It stands as an interesting way of having access to only the most relevant content within Twitter, in a setting which is both novel and memorable."