Tweetwally Around the World

Posted on 12/24/09 by Clockwork

In the month since we've launched Tweetwally, it's been amazing to watch it spread all over the world. Outside of the United States, the top countries visiting Tweetwally are China, Japan, Germany, and Poland.

Below are a few of our favorite tweetwalls from all over the world:


Guangzhou Environmental Protest
This tweetwall first showed up on our radar on Monday, November 23 when there was a spike in our traffic at 1:00am. Confused by the timing, we discovered this Tweetwall which was connected with a protest that was unfolding in suburban China. Residents were protesting a garbage incineration plant that was to be constructed nearby.

Free Liu Xiaobo
This tweetwall currently ranks as our most popular ever. Liu Xiaobo is a Chinese journalist who has been in prison for the past year awaiting his trial (which started this week). Chinese journalists and citizens have started a "Free Liu Xiaobo" movement, both online and off.

What amazed us the most about the tweetwalls from China is that Twitter has been blocked by the Chinese government.


Weisser Western - "White West"

This tweetwall is dedicated to the "Weisser Western" snowstorm in Germany this week. The wall is unofficial sister to the Twin Cities Snowmageddon.


Earthquake in Portugal

On December 17, there was an earthquake along the coast of Huelva in Portugal. Quickly people started talking about the damages and destruction on Twitter, and a tweetwall was created to help everyone stay in touch.

The wonderful thing about these tweetwalls is that people from all over the world can follow along with events that are miles away. Twitter — and tweetwalls — are changing the way we communicate and share information. We're proud to be a part of facilitating that communication!